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bk-interiors designers are amongst the most experienced and creative in London.

They know the importance of understanding your style, design and budget requirements. They will also consider all practical considerations, material specifications, building limitations, architectural plans, preferred appliance locations and your budget before they start to prepare design concepts for your designer kitchen or bedroom.


In order to accurately plan your kitchen, we’ll need measurements of your space.

Record and bring your measurements to your design consultation appointment.

Also make a note of any unique features that may influence the design.

Measure the height of the room, and the length and width of the walls.

Measure any doorways, ensuring you measure to the outside of the architrave.

Don’t forget the height from the floor to the windows.

Make a note of any existing service points such as plumbing and electricity points (plus, any new ones you may be adding)

Note any features which are unique to your space (such as chimney breasts or permanent fixtures)

Creativity, skill and innovation are only part of the design development as your kitchen or bedroom starts to become reality and detailed technical drawings and full 3D representations.

Years of experience working across a range of projects, from simple to complex, gives bk-interiors the edge in delivering innovative kitchen or bedroom design solutions. Whether you have clear requirements, or you are still exploring options, your designer will have an eye for detail and a keen focus on providing you with a superior kitchen or bedroom. As well as creative design services, our designers provide project management and customer levels to satisfy even the most discerning clients.